Shopping in Mexico: Tips for Travelers

Shopping in Mexico can be an exciting experience, offering a variety of bargains and exquisite boutiques for travelers to explore. However, it’s important for visitors to be aware of certain rules and regulations to ensure a smooth shopping experience and a hassle-free return to the United States. Before embarking on your shopping adventure, take the […]

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person in traditional dress at the street

Touring the Mexican Jungle

When planning a vacation in Mexico, there are countless options for places to visit and activities to engage in. If you have never been to Mexico before, you might be curious about the various activities available. Have you ever considered exploring the jungle? It can be an exciting and adventurous experience. Exploring the Mexican jungles […]

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LIBURAN SINGKAT KE SALAH SATU DARI 7 KEAJAIBAN DUNIA, CHICHEN ITZA – MEXICO Awal bulan lalu, tepatnya ditanggal 5 Januari 2024, aku memutuskan untuk mengambil “short holiday” dari tempat kerja, kali ini aku berangkat ke Mexico, tepatnya di Cancun. Terbang ke Cancun Mexico lewat Hollywood International Airport Florida dengan mengunakan pesawat Spirit direct flight kurang […]

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